Solidworks Kaldırma Problemi

Solidworks program ekle kaldırda gözükmüyor ise ve kaldırma işlemini yapamıyor iseniz aşağıda ki işlemleri deneyin derim.


This issue has come up a few time recently. I have been asked if there is a way to uninstall SOLIDWORKS products using a batch file. This can be used in many cases. Admins can push this out to clients if needed instead or running to every computer. I have found this also very helpful in uninstalling when the SOLIDWORKS installation manager fails.

The batch file uses the Windows installer utility. It is easy to create, however it takes some time to find the correct information needed….Let’s get started!

You will first need to dive in to the registry to collect the information needed. Every product that gets installed in Windows will keep the uninstall information in the registry. We just need to pull this out. You will start by opening a blank text document, then we can start pulling our information.

1. Open the Windows Registry Editor (Start > Run > type regedit and hit Enter)

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall











3. Select one of the GUID alpha-numeric folders under Uninstall and check the ProductName field in the right hand pane. Scroll through each until you find your SOLIDWORKS products.










4. Locate the UninstallString field on the right, double-click it and copy the contents. It will look like “msiexec /x {alpha-numeric}”

5. Paste the contents into a new text document. – Here I added a remark on what product it is. This is not necessary.











6. Continue through the GUID folders in the registry until all SOLIDWORKS products are found and paste each UninstallString into the txt doc.











If you have more than 1 version of SOLIDWORKS installed, you will see a separate string for each version.

7. When finished use the replace command in notepad to replace all /I with /X. (/I = Install) (/X = uninstall)











8. Also use the replace command if you would like to add some additional switches to the command line

9. Save the file as a .bat file.. search for } and replace with } /qb. This will add the /qb command to the end of each line. The /qb is the semi-silent command where the Progress and Cancel button are displayed. Use the /qn for a completely silent uninstall.











This is what you will see without the /qb switch…with it, it will go right into the uninstall.












You will be prompted for each product uninstall (without the /qb)

The uninstall strings will all be the same for the same products, so once created you can run this on other machines, however it is service pack specific.



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